Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Celebrate Today
So Right
The Music Is Mine
Losing Our Democracy
Her Way
As You Are
I Want You To Know
Rock On
The Place I Wanna Be
Once Upon An Anthill
Truth Is - New version
The Weaknessess
Love Is
Outside The Box
Me And My Friend Richard
Just Passing Through
The Proposal -new version
I Breathe You In
Not To Close My Eyes (stripped in manhattan C.D.)
Crow Medicine
Karmic Destruction - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Bad Bad Girl
Sugar Coated Arsenic
Angels Among Us
Missing You
Ocean Lullaby
Island Wind
Trouble In A Box
Broken Glass
One Plus One
The Best Part
Cousin Patti
A Silver Lining in a Cloud
Invisible Doormat
Just How It Goes
Got To Be A Reason
Truth Is
Truth Is (Live)
Love While It Lasts
I Got Your Number
Let's Do It Again
Into the light
Since You've Been Gone
Will We Always Be This Way
Your Lover
More of This More of That
So Into You
Love Me Anyway
Marry Me
For Love
The Way It's Got To Be (" Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
Take Me Away - Rock
Talk To Me Dirty (Dance)
Talk To Me Dirty (Acoustic)
Something Right
Holdin' On
All That Really Matters
Somebody Save Me
Lie To Me
You're The One
Be My Man
2 Candles 1 Flame
You Wreck Me
One Way Ticket
Under Your Skin
Will You Stay
All I Am
Can You Feel
I'm Gonna Take You There (Rock-"Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
I'm Gonna Take You There (Acoustic-"Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
All I Am (Rock- "Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
All I Am (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
Tell It Like It Is ( Rock- "Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
Tell It Like It Is (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
Crash and Burn - In The Moment C.D.
Lost In The Fire ( Rock- "Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
Lost In The Fire (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.
What's It Gonna Take - Something Real C.D.
The Simple Things - Something Real C.D.
The Simple Things - Naked & Alone C.D,
I Belong With You (Rock- "Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
I Belong With You (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
Chasing Rainbows - In The Moment C.D.
Where Ever You Are
The Reason (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
The Reason ( Rock- "Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
Still Believe ( "Naked & Alone" C.D.)
Why Can't I Be The One? ( "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)
Stranger To Love - Naked & Alone C.D.
Stranger To Love - Something Real C.D.
Got To Have You (Rock- "Lost In The Fire" C.D.)
One Night ( "Naked & Alone" C.D.)
Mama's Song - Something Real C.D.
Face To Face
Rollercoaster - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Back Off - Something Real C.D.
Back Off - Naked & Alone C.D.
Inside- Rock- Lost In The Fire C.D.
Inside- Acoustic- Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Waiting For The Truth ( Acoustic version)
Someone Sent An Angel
Maybe I Do Remember - Naked & Alone C.D.
My Baby Does - Rock This C.D.
My Baby Does -Acoustic- Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Rock This Love - Rock This C.D.
Rock This Love- Acoustic-Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
I'm Not Shy - Rock This C.D.
Candlelight & Me- Naked & alone C.D.
Candlelight And Me- Something Real C.D.
Gettin' Bye - Naked & alone C.D.
No Apologies- Naked & Alone C.D.
Take Me Away - Acoustic- Naked & Alone C.D.
Magic Dust (stripped in Manhattan C.D.)
30 Something
I Can't Sleep At Night - ROCK
I Can't Sleep At Night- Acoustic- Stripped in Manhattan C.D.
The Stonewall - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Jaded Love- Naked & Alone C.D.
His Lover's Child - Naked & Alone C.D.
Everything - Rock This C.D.
Everything ( Acoustic- Stripped In Manhattan C.D.)
Dancing Real Slow ( Naked & Alone C.D.)
The Way You Move- Acoustic- Stirpped In Manhattan C.D.
Something Real (Acoustic- Naked & AloneC.D.)
Something Real ( Rock- Lost In The Fire C.D.)
Something Real ( Something Real C.D.)
Someone Here That Loves You ( In The Moment C.D.)
Somehow - In The Moment C.D.
Save Your Soul - In The Moment C.D.
Rain - In The Moment C.D.
Nothing Going On - In The Moment C.D.
No Return - In The Moment C.D.
Love Is
Jail Break - Naked & Alone C.D.
Like A River - Rock This C.D.
Like A River - Naked & Alone C.D.
I Wish You Stayed - Naked & Alone C.D.
Candles Are Burning - Naked & Alone C.D.
Crossroads - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Blue Velvet - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
You Own Me - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Be My Man
A Bit Obscene - Stripped In Manhattan C.D.
Will You Wait - In The Moment C.D.
Your Woman - In The Moment C.D.
No Promises - Something Real C.D.
Baby I'm On The Loose - Something Real C.D.
Comfort Me- Something Real C.D.
Doesn't It Haunt You- Something Real C.D.
Don't Do That To Me - Rock This C.D.
Once In A Lifetime
Crying Over New York City
Waitin' For The Truth - Rock
Magic Dust - Rock
Stay Around
Darkness Before Dawn
I Breathe You In (Live)
Forever Grateful
You Are The One Thing
Someone Sent An Angel
Something Good Is Coming
Child Of God
Billie's Song
Mouse in the House
Striptease for the Bumblebees
Blue Moon
The Bumble
The Proposal
Ship Of Dreams
The Plan
We Will Be Part Of History
What Am I Thinking
What Are Your Intentions
Saying Farewell
The Shore Of The Colonies
Your Secrets
Promise My Love
A Series Of Moral Dialogues
Birds Of A Feather
Crazy About Christmas
I Need Some You
Twilight Dancing
Borrowed Time
Pissing Rain