Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Tell It Like It Is (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.)

Lyric Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Music Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Performance Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Short Song Description:
fun, upbeat, playful, straight ahead, pop rock song...with an angry edge to it
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal:
Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Subject Matter 2:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
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2000 and later
Oh -O, I been black balled from my family and my home town
My daddy doesn't like me and my mamma is dead
Some damn ass hit her in the head

I got no money and I'm in the red
Most days I think I should just stay in bed

Oh-O, I got to tell it like it is
Oh-O, I got to tell it like it is
Tell it, Tell it, Tell it like it is
Tell it, Tell it, Tell it like it is

I don't drink, I don't smoke any pot
I abused my privileges like it or not
Many people think I've got musician rot
'Cause wax in my ears is all I got

Time keeps ticking' have I been forgot
'Cause God knows I sure work a lot


Now me Deana, Bill and Billy got a C.D.
We're hoping someone comes along and discovers me
Then we will be smiling like Cheshire cats
'Cause everyone that laughed at us would shit in their hats

Come on baby make me purr, purrrrrrrr, meow


You, know I'm just so damn sick of these people that don't tell it like it is
Look me in the eye tell me like it is
If you're gonna leave me give me one sweet kiss
You know, Hey, It's like they say,
"I don't mind getting' screwed, I just just like a little bit of loving' to go with is sometimes"
I never understood these evil ways
Tell me when did they decide that being nasty pays
I say baby, baby does it pay
Now what do you suppose it is makes people do these kind of things
Could it be money...

Hey Billy come on tell us like it is will you
Tell it, tell it, tell it like it is
Tell it, tell it, tell it like it is