Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Something Real ( Something Real C.D.)

Lyric Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Producer Credits: Ellyn Fleming & Ken Selcer
Publisher Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Label Credits: Feisty B Productions
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Baby I may be mistaken
But I think I knew you when
Time was a little bit scarce
And I could only see you now and then
Well I been livin' this crazy life
An' I been playing all my songs
Baby I may be mistaken
But I think I done ya wrong
Well this may be a chance I'm taking
But will you hold me for awhile
An' if you feel me shaking
It's just that it's been a long long mile
Baby I may be mistaken
But weren't you the one who made me feel
Like I was something kinda special
And that love was something real

Something real...yeah
Something something baby
Something real...yeah
You know I love ya
You know I need ya
You know I want ya
You know that I ain't foolin' around no more, no more
You know I'm not foolin' around no more
Come on baby
Come on back
You know I got to have you back
I say you you you you you you you
Nobody does it baby quite like you
Something real

Baby I may be mistaken
But ain't this life a funny thing
It goes around, it comes around
And sometimes it don't make a sound
We learn, we burn, we yearn
Until we think we've finally found
Something real... Oh yeah I found, I found
Something real... Oh yeah come on back now baby
I think I was mistaken
Oh yeah