Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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All the songs written for the play A SERIES OF MORAL DIALOGUES are now available to listen to on this website for free. Genres range from instrumental/ orchestration, pop, rap, hip hop, broadway style and adult contemporary. Here's the link http://feistyb.com/album/1
Promotional video/ Live Performance for your events or private functions
I'm available for hire for events, business functions, private parties, cookouts, indoors or outdoors. Whether you want soft, background music or louder, more lively entertainment, I can be your one woman show. For booking contact D n L Marketing and Promotion at (401) 919- 5930. Here's a link to a video for a sample of what I deliver for cover songs:
Promotional video for "A SERIES OF MORAL DIALOGUES"
As anyone can imagine, getting through 12 rounds of chemo followed by 25 radiation treatments was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. Amidst my fears of dying I found tremendous joy because I was given the job of writing all the music for an upcoming play that is currently being shopped on the national theater circuit. Here is a video promo for the play....
Music Score For A Play
Ellyn is currently immersed in writing a music score for a play that will be shopped on the national theater circuit in 2019 and 2020. Amidst releasing her latest cd titled, "Once Upon An Anthill" and writing this music score, Ellyn has been battling an advanced stage of cancer for the past year. May your inner thoughts and prayers be kind as is the music inside of her that continues to play.
A new cd has just been released. "ONCE UPON AN ANTHILL" is a 12 song disc you are sure to enjoy. Available by mail for $12.(includes shipping) or buy individual songs for .99 cents each from this website, or listen to each song FREE on this site.
2017 New CD Single Released!
Listen to the new cd single titled "KARMIC DESTRUCTION" for free on this website and purchase it for .99 cents. It's currently at the following college radio stations:








Center Stage TV Performance
Ellyn performs solo on "Center Stage" Cox Rhode Island TV


Interconnect A (Cox & Full Channel ch.13/Verizon ch.32)
(seen in all RI homes with cable TV)
TUESDAYS @ 8pm / SUNDAYS @ 1am
(starting October 2nd, until Oct. 15th)

Newport County TV-18 (Cox Channel 18 across Newport County)
WED @ 7pm / THUR @ 11am
(starting Sep. 21, until Sept. 29)

The show will air for two weeks on each channel, then two more weeks later in the year.

Videos of 3 of the songs from this performance can be seen by going to the "LINKS" section on this website.
Rolling Stones Tribute Medley
Mick Jagger has always been my favorite ROCK HERO!!!! So I decided to create this 6 song Rolling Stones Medley. Here's the link for my live solo acoustic performance: https://youtu.be/3CTUGpXJszo
Ellyn's cover song list
Ellyn delivers a mix of both original and cover songs with keyboard or guitar. Here's a list of the cover songs she performs:

1. Someone Like You - Adele
2. The Dance - Garth Brooks
3. Landslide - Stevie Nicks
4. Your Song - Elton John
5. New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
6. Smile - Tony Bennett
7. You Say - Lauren Daigle
8. Stay - Rihanna
9. Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
10. I Try - Macy Gray
11. All The Way - Frank Sinatra
12. Beneath Your Beautiful - Emily Sandes & Labrynth
13. Medley of: Knockin' On Heavens Door - Dylan/ Helpless - Neil Young
14. Drops Of Jupiter - Train
15. God Bless The Child - Billie Holiday
16. Send In The Clowns - Barbra Streisand
17. All That Jazz - Liza Minnelli
18. Medley of: Proud Mary - Tina Turner/Somebody Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge/Middle Of The Road - The Pretenders/Crazy On You - Heart
19. Rhiannon - Stevie Nicks
20. Let's Stay Together - Tina Turner
21. A Change Is Gonna' Come - Al Greene
22. Happy - Pharrell Williams
23. Somewhere Only We Know - Keene
24. What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner
25. Summertime - Billie Holiday/ Motherless Child - Richie Havens
26. The Glory of Love - Bette Midler
27. Medley of songs from the 60's Vietnam War era: For What It's Worth/ All Along the Watchtower/ The Letter/ Born To Be Wild/ War
28. Abraham, Martin and John - Dion
29. Fly Me To The Moon - Tony Bennett
30. The Greatest Love Of All - Whitney Houston
31. Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
32. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
33. Fever - Peggy Lee
34. Georgia - Ray Charles
35. Valerie - Amy Winehouse
36. The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel
37. Medley of 8 different Carol King songs
38. Chains - Nick Jonas
39. Jealous - Nick Jonas
40. Something In The Water - Carrie Underwood
41. Medley of: Confident by Demi Lovato, Brave by Sarah Barillas, Wild Things by Sia, When we were Young by Adelle
42. Rolling Stones Tribute Medley (6 songs)
43. You're Gonna Love Me - (theme song from Broadway show "Dream Girls")
44. Crazy In Love - Beyoncé (version from "Fifty Shades of Grey")
45. November Rain - Guns N Roses
46. The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand written by Marvin Hamlisch
47. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress- written by Jimmy Webb
48 I Shall Be Released - Bob Dylan
49. Tiny Dancer - Elton John
Broadjam Top 10 Chart
"Refuge" (a song from the new ECLIPSE cd) has hit #1 in the Rhode Island chart!
Thank you for listening!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart
"Mouse In The House" (a song from the new ECLIPSE cd)just hit #3 in the Rhode Island Top 10 Chart! Thank you for listening!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart!
"Crow Medicine" (from the CROW MEDICINE cd) has entered the Rhode Island Top 10 at #10!
"Smudging" (from the new ECLIPSE cd) has entered the Rhode Island Top 10 at #5!
You can listen to these songs for free on this website!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart!
Thank you for listening!
"Mouse in the House" (a cut from the new ECLIPSE cd) has entered the Rhode Island Top 10 at #6!
and the the New Age - Progressive Top 10 at #4!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart!
"Striptease for the Bumblebees" has entered the Rhode Island Top 10 at #10! This instrumental piece is one of the tracks on the newly released "ECLIPSE" cd.
Broadjam Top 10 Chart!
"Billie's Song" has entered the Rhode Island Top 10 at #10!
To see who Billie is, check out THE BUMBLE video via the links section of this web site!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart!
"Refuge", (a song from the new ECLIPSE cd) has entered the New Age - Tribal Top 10 at #10!
This new cd has been rockin' these charts!
Big THANK YOU to all the music listeners!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart
1 more song from the new ECLIPSE cd has entered the Broadjam Top 10 Chart! This makes 5 of the songs from this new release in the top 10!!!
As of today "Mouse In The House" is #6 on the chart!!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart
2 more songs from the new ECLIPSE cd have entered the Broadjam Top 10 Chart! This makes 4 of the songs from this new release in the top 10!!!
As of today "Billy's Song" is #10 and "Smudging" is #9!!!!
Broadjam Top 10 Chart
A song from the newly released instrumental cd.(ECLIPSE) has made the Broadjam Top 10 Chart!!!
"Blue Moon" has entered the Rhode Island Top 10 at #8!
2015 New Instrumental C.D. Released!
Ellyn has just released a new age instrumental c.d.
"ECLIPSE" offers 45 minutes of music with 7 tracks in a variety of styles.
Listen for free on her website! You can buy any track for .99 cents or purchase the entire C.D for $10.
Broadjam Top 10 Chart
Crow Medicine has entered the Spoken Word Top 10 at #8!
New Music Video!
Ellyn loves her dog Billie Bumble Holiday! In fact, she loves him SO MUCH she wrote a song about him and did a music video with him!
Here's the link for this new you tube video titled "The Bumble"! Guaranteed to make you smile!

or just go to the "links" section on this web site and click your mouse on "The Bumble"
2014 New CD Single Released!
Ellyn has released a brand new CD single titled, THE PROPOSAL.
The song supports nation wide marriage equality as several states in the U.S. still struggle without equal rights and fight to obtain them.
You can listen to the song for free on this website and download it for .99 cents or you can purchase the full CD for $6. (includes S & H) by sending a check or money order to P.O. Box 4656 Middletown R.I 02842.
2013 New CD Released!
Ellyn just released another CD!!! This one is titled "Smudging". It's done all with piano and keys and consists of pop, power ballads, blues, R&B, new age, and even a contemporary symphony. Listen for free on this site! You can buy either the entire CD for $12. or individual songs at .99 cents a piece.
4 New Live Performance Videos on You Tube!
Just posted 4 new live performance videos on You Tube for the following songs:
1. Truth Is
2. Broken Glass
3. Forever Grateful
4. Heaven

To view either google You Tube then type my name into their search bar or go to the "links" page on this website and I have posted a link to each video.

Hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting my website!
Sending wishes for peace and love for all.

New Music Video!
New Music Video! Hope you have time to check it out!
Here's the link:

2012 New CD Released!
Brand new 2012 CD release! "Crow Medicine" has 10 more songs for your soul to enjoy. Ellyn has been her own recording & mixdown engineer for both this CD and her 2011 release titled, "Into The Light" but since 2011 she's learned how to play keys and add drums to her songs. We think you'll love this disc! You can listen to each song for free on this web site. Purchase the entire CD for $12. (includes Shipping and Handling) or buy any song individually for .99 cents.
2011 New CD Released!
New CD release titled "Into The Light"! This disc has 15 new original songs done in an acoustic, adult contemporary style displaying rock, pop, power ballads, rap, country and blues. Now available for purchase on Ellyn's web site.
Each song can be listened to for free and downloaded for .99 cents each or order your copy of the entire CD for $15. (includes Shipping and Handling).
Past Reviews
Read What The PRESS has said
About Ellyn And Her Music!

"Ellyn Fleming has joined the ranks of the area's leading songstresses.  She can play the fiery rocker, the raspy voiced blues mama or the folksy ingenue with equal authority."
Joe Longone - Worcester, MA Phoenix

"Ellyn Fleming IS the whole package, a true song smith, a knock out performer, and last but far from least, brilliant and beautiful."
George Cogswell, The Fort Pierce Tribune, Florida

"This American girl and her backing band The Inmates are the latest new female fronted AOR/Melodic Pop/Rock band on the scene....Musically she sounds like a cross between Pat Benetar and Heart."
Strutter'Zine Website

"The Whole CD ("Lost In The Fire") is an in your face chunk of lady rock, featuring loads of catchy hard rockers...that goes to show, the girls can rock hard just as well as the guys."
Nicky Baldrain - Spin City Magazine

"It may have been her belly button which got us to give this compact disc a spin, but it is her MUSIC, which earned this review. 'Everything' is an upbeat track, a tight and polished display of distorted guitar and thumping bass & drums.  You hear it twice and it becomes part of you.  It's catchy as hell.  Throughout the album, the trio deftly winds its way through material with roots in many styles, including blues, funk, and main stream rock & roll band like HEART.",
Patrick Fealey - Narragansett Times

"Ellyn Fleming is a true rock'n'roll girl from Newport/USA!...If you're into female fronted Melodic Hardrock, you better check her out! ",
Catchy Hooks Webzine

"Ellyn Fleming's latest Rock incarnation CRANKS!",
Mark Edmonds - Worcester, MA Phoenix.

"When one first meets  Ellyn Fleming, one encounters a very soft spoken, sweet, almost shy woman, who you would never believe is an exceptionally emotional performer.  Yet once Ms. Fleming takes the stage - WOW! FIRE!",
Jim Fay - North East Performer Magazine.

"Whether on stage or on record, Fleming has no qualms about being herself - her powerful, confident voice and often sensual lyrics invite you to come up close and peer into her soul."
Joe Longone - Worcester, MA Phoenix.

"Fleming's stance is that of a blonde James Dean and when she sings switchblades & silk scarves come to mind. She can make you feel like a voyeur, and if your not one, you might feel yourself blush at her honesty",
Patrick Fealey -  "Time Out/A & E" South County, RI

"Vocally Ellyn Fleming reminds me of Joan Jett, Darby Mills, Pat Benetar, Saraya and very early Heart....She's quite a good musician in her own right...her guitar work is similar to Sammy Hagar's playing and she plays as if she means it...if you get the chance check her out, she's cool" -
Nicky Baldrain - Spin City Magazine

"Ellyn Fleming is a first class strutter and her tight energetic vocals and guitar playing are more than ably backed by some serious bass work from Greg Lioce and league of his own Drummer Artie Dennis",
Cliff Garboden - Worcester, MA Phoenix Editor.

"This newer stuff really kicks and Ellyn can play with the best of them on guitar. She seems to be the type of performer that can catch the audience and real them in.",
Chris Hinkley - New England Rocks Magazine.

"You know about her crafty songwriting, hot rock and great voice, but if you have not seen Ellyn Fleming and her band in person you're missing out!  What are you waiting for!"
Alan Benson -  Worcester, MA Phoenix

"Fleming has a great knack for mixing sassy tunes with thoughtful ones to make a complete package."
Scott McLenahan - Worcester, MA Telegram & Gazette

"Ellyn's ability to shuffle between rock blues, country and folk numbers is admirable, while the arrangements and production are exquisite. Her all Original material is mean'n'taters fodder, partially reminiscent of Springsteen or even Paxton in its application of fundamental truisms."
Michael Caito -  Providence, RI Phoenix

"An artistic triumph!  The material is smart enough to show some hard introspection and honest enough to confront life's dysfunctions with confessional courage"
Joe Longone - Worcester, MA Phoenix

"Original, Innovative, Entertaining!  The Ellyn Fleming Band is ready to 'HAPPEN'!"
Sylvia Stoun Mureddu, President, Newport Federation of Musicians, Local 529, American Federation of Musicians

Feisty Bitch Records!!! Great name for a record label and it most definitely fits the fiery, blues based, hard-rock that Ellyn and her backing band play. Ellyn belts out the vocals and strums the guitar over her pounding, right on rhythm section. This 6-song CD/EP is chock full of Hard Rock that your mutha warned you about. You know the stuff they play in those roadside bars where the guys from Great White hang out when they are out on the road, where the boys are tough, the women are loose, and everybody likes the music LOUD!!!
Arthur Dare - Northeast Performer Magazine

Ellyn Fleming - "Lost In The Fire" Review by Nicky Baldrian Vocally Ellyn Fleming reminds me of Joan Jett, Darby Mills, Pat Benatar, Saraya, and very early Heart, whilst musically the direction leans into the Posion bump and grind rock of the eighties. She's quite a good musician in her own right and has written and produced this album herself. Tracks like "Tell It Like It Is" are built for stadiums and are rock anthems with plenty of punch and "Inside" bares comparisents to Lee Aron and Romeo's Daughter. The whole cd is an in your face chunk of lady rock, featuring loads of catchy hard rockers, and goes to show that the girls can rock hard just as well as the guys. "Lost In The Fire" shows a lot of talent for this Rhode Island chick, who's vocal skills are very chic and cute. Other songs that grab you by the balls are "Got To Have You" and the opening guitar breaks on the title track. Her guitar work is quite similar to Sammy Hagar's playing and she plays as if she mean it, the best way to describe this record is pop/rock with a sleazy groove that get the blood pressure rising, if you get the chance check her out, she's cool.
Review by Nicky Baldrian

Anyone looking to start a career in rock 'n roll might want to take a page from Ellyn Fleming's book. The energetic Worcester native, who'll appear in Clinton this Saturday, and in Worcester on January 20, first began singing and playing her acoustic guitar at open-stage get-togethers as a teenager. Propelled by a drive to become a professional musician, she began dedicating a great deal of time to learning her trade, performing whenever she could. Now, years later, that consuming passion is beginning to pay off. The former coffeehouse player currently enjoys the luxury of playing rock full time. Armed with a tight trio, Fleming can most often be seen wielding her custom-made black bodied electric ax in little rooms all over the region. Delivering power rock with an attitude, Fleming, who now resides in Newport, Rhode Island, recently recorded her latest CD, appropriately titled Rock This, and released on Feisty Bitch Records. Offering six grunge laden tracks, the disc was done, according to Fleming (who's still currently unsigned, hint, hint), on a spur of the moment's notice in a Providence studio. Unlike her slickly - produced and acousti-rock oriented 1994 Something Real disc, Rock This rocks indeed, offering those unfamiliar with Fleming's latest musical incarnation a sample of what they'd get should they see her live. "Basically, it was that I hadn't recorded anything in a couple of years", the singer explains. "And the studio time just came up. I'd already wanted to record something that was representative of how my band sounds today - not just to have to give to radio stations, but to use as a demo too. You know how it is. A lot of club owners won't hire a band without a decent demo. So that was part of the reason. The disc sounds like the Ellyn Fleming Band you'd hear if you went out to one of our shows." Opening with the driving "Everything" and cranking-on through songs, including "Rock This Love," and "I'm Not Shy," Rock This does sound incredibly close to what you might have heard if you happened to catch Fleming and her band last Friday Evening at Hooligan's, a gamy little gin mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Like the majority of places she plays, the bar had no stage, or sound or lights, for that matter which forced Fleming to perform on the floor in the corner of the room next to the joint's windowless front door. I walked in mid-way through the first set, and saw an elaborate display of flashing light bars and a smoke machine, which cranked out fog filling the tiny room. I couldn't help but be taken back by it all. Here I was in a little corner bar, in a blue-collar 'hood, watching a hard-hitting rock band gnash their way through the evening. All I could think about was how out of place this seemed. But the locals didn't, if their applause was any indication...
Mark Edmonds - Worcester, MA Phoenix - ROCK THIS

"The only part I don't like is I have to change in these awful dirty, freezing cold bathrooms." So says Newport singer and songwriter Ellyn Fleming, who also knows the ordeal is somewhat of a privilege. And if you saw what she wear's on stage, you might be sympathetic. At the very least, you'd be curious. On the cover of her latest compact disc, Rock This, which appears on "Feisty Bitch Records", she appears dressed in a bright red brassiere, black leather jacket and tights. Her stance is like a blonde James Dean with his hands on his hips, big earrings, and even bigger hair. She stands in a cloud o f mist which is rising to enshroud her. "Well, hey, it gets hot up there", Fleming responds when asked about her provocative dress. The fact is that beyond the look is the music and the voice. When Fleming sings, switchblades and silk scarves come to mind. It may have been her bellybutton which got us to give this compact disc a spin, but it is her music which earned this review. After five years of performing throughout the Northeast, Fleming (who writes the songs, sings them, and plays guitar) is poised for a big label recording contract. An original rock band that works out steadily enough to pay the bills is something of an anomaly, proof that Fleming has paid her dues changing in those dingy ladies rooms from New York to Boston. Since she wrote her first song at the age of nine, Fleming has come a long way. This year she was nominated Best Female Vocalist by the readers of the Providence and Worcester Phoenix newspapers. She won the honor last year and this year won for Best Rock Act in Worcester, MA. Rock This is Fleming's attempt to bring her music to a larger audience, on radio. Last year, Fleming teamed up with The James Montgomery Band on a video to benefit Creative Television of R.I. The Concert aired for eight weeks on cable TV. "Feisty Bitch" Okay, so the name Fleming chose for her record label begs the question: "Is she!" "I called it Feisty Bitch Records because there aren't as many women out there doing rock," Fleming says. She said we see plenty of women rockers on MTV and VH1, but when you get out on the road, television and reality part. Perhaps the label stems from the songs themselves. Fleming is unsparing and direct at times, as likely to be inspired by regret as by sexual liberation. "Even though I use a lot of sexual analogies, the underlying meaning is the courage of the human spirit," she says. " 'I'm Not Shy' is about coming out of yourself." Take this line, from "Everything", the first track on the compact disc: "I sweat passion baby/you sweat greed/we've got the same reaction/but we both got different needs." Elsewhere on the song is this questioning, loaded with double meaning: "Don't you really want everything?" Though at first the song may seem to be inspired by a love gone bad, Fleming says it is actually about a business relationship that did not work out. For her "everything" means music first, then the business, a philosophy which has helped her survive since she first performed at the age of 14. "if you aren't in it for the love of music, you won't last because the business end is so nasty," Fleming said. It is especially tough when you're starting out, when you're just another unknown artist in America and the booking agents have all the power. "Everything" is a upbeat track, a tight and polished display of distorted guitar and thumping bass and drums. You hear it twice and it becomes a part of you. It's catchy as hell. Throughout the album, the trio deftly wends its way through material with roots in many styles, including blues, funk, and main stream rock and bands like Heart. The sound is something closer to good old straight-ahead four-four rock 'n roll, but if you heard it on alternative radio, it would fit. The group's high level of musicianship is apparent and one senses they'd be at home in any style. Many Influences As a song writer, Fleming's influences include; Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, and Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. She's mining her experience for our benefit, at times employing methods often used in fiction. There are thoughts, abstract and concrete, but some of her lines are delivered like dialogue from real conversations. Fleming can make you feel like a voyeur, and if you're not one, you might feel yourself blush at her honesty. As when she sings, "I don't know why but I feel like your stalking me/I don't know why I want to please you but I do", in the song "Like a River". When it comes to her job as a front woman, Fleming says she has been most influenced by Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, and Michael Jackson - dynamic acts to follow. No matter what happens with Rock This, Fleming says her main goal is to keep on writing and performing, because she can't see herself doing anything else. A record deal would be nice, but she is happy now. "Music is a huge part of my life. It's what I do. I love performing live. That's the payback. It's very natural thing for me. I feel comfortable and safe up there. It's my little home." Maybe that's why when she sings "I'm gonna rock you" on "Rock This Love," it sounds like a warning, not a claim. It's as if Ellyn Fleming is telling us she can't help herself.
Patrick Fealey - ROCK THIS review - Dec 20, 1995 by Patrick Fealey The Narragansett Times, The Standard Times - The East Greenwich Pendulum - The Chariho Times.