Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Lost In The Fire (Acoustic- "Stripped In Manhattan" C.D.

Lyric Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Music Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Performance Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Short Song Description:
this is an unproduced version of this song...a fully produced version is av. on this site....check the listings.
Here, Ellyn performs solo with her acoustic guitar.
Long Song Description:
acoustic guitar rock
stripped down production
remake of the fully produced hard rock version of "Lost In The Fire"
Story Behind the Song:
the artist uses the sexual analogy of "attraction and lust" to cover the true meaning of the song.
The underliying concept is meant to encourage the listener to reach for their own passion and dreams, live their life to the fullest and reach for the thi
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre:
Rock-Easy Listening
Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal:
Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Attracted, Crush
Subject Matter 2:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1:
Similar Artist 2:
Natalie Merchant
2000 and later
This attraction is in need of satisfaction
What's your reaction to the fire we feel
Temptation can confuse a situation
Infatuation could be dangerous here

But we're lost in the Fire
lost in the Fire
lost in the
we're lost in the Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire
Ah Shake you, Take you, Wake you up, And make you mine
Ah Shake you, Take you, Wake you up, And make you mine

I know I need you but I don't want to need
Shades of innocence are somehow lost with greed
I know I love you and this makes it hard to breathe
I can't forget your body making love to me

All this passion born of silent pain
All these dreams for which they said I was insane
All these tears I never did release
A hurricane pours down, I know one day that will be me

I can see my so called friends inside my memories
their nasty little laughter's been replaced by jealousy
I recall my favorite seat ?in the corner of that bar and
desperate is the soul who dare not to wish upon a star

Ah Shake you, Take you, Wake you up, And make you mine
Ah Shake you, Take you, Wake you up, And make you mine


I felt your body sweat late last night and I liked it
Oh, I really liked it
Skin melting skin
You always play to win
Oh, I really like that

Never you mind what your daddy said
There's a lot of evil things going on in his head
Never you mind what your neighbors say
Your a fine little child gonna be o.k.
if you get lost, baby get lost
if you get lost, baby get lost
In the fire, in the fire
Get lost in the fire