Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Once Upon An Anthill

Lyric Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Music Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Producer Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Publisher Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Performance Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Label Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Spoken Word-Poetry
Secondary Genre:
Once upon an ant hill there was a tiny dream
there was perhaps another ant that was a lot like me
Gazing out at the society it seemed there was no hope
and I wondered how my innocence would ever learn to cope.

Everyone so greedy, everyone so rushed, everyone too busy to talk very much
and if they speak it's something brief like, "Rain or snow today? Did the stock market rise or fall?" or "Would you like to get laid?"

They're building a new shopping mall where the forest used to be and all the fortune hunters see it as a great opportunity!

They appear to be quite proud of their extravagant success but I feel like I have found myself in quite a sticky mess!
I must be the only ant that doesn't understand why other ants are starving upon this wealthy land.

I decided it was safest to walk and act the same 'cause if my true self was discovered they'd consider me insane!

I no longer go out jogging I fear that I'll be raped and I just heard on the news today 3 murderers escaped.

A man looks through my garbage every day at dawn as the neighbors on the hill spend thousands on their lawn.

There's a child that wants to speak but cannot talk at all and the media is most concerned with the Dow Jones rise and fall.

Happiness is in a moment instead of the entire day
and I fear for the children... will they ever learn to play?
They're no longer safe upon the swing if mother turns her back... a stranger may approach them and turn them on to crack
or even worse they could be stoled never to be seen except on an x-rated pornography screen.

Who's to blame we pass the buck to the guy down on his luck but if our master paid a call he'd be disgusted with us all.

And then we'd cry, we'd feel betrayed by the very garden that we made.

Though light lives in all of us the darkness dwells there too or these things would not be happening to good ants like me and you.

Anger and hostility grew deep inside my soul
Now I was dysfunctional and proudly played my role

But then I got to talking with a few good friends one day
we told each other secrets we never thought we'd say.
Getting back to the basics was really all we did by opening our anthills and blowing off the lid.

In honesty I found surprise for they were much the same as I! We helped each other through our fears and prejudice just disappeared.

False pride grew non-existant, cast into the wind, replaced by a true caring for all our fellow men.
The "Don't Talk Syndrome" was no longer alive and all of the denial had no place to hide.

Grudges were a waste of time in our community. Why be angry at someone who is so very much like me??!!

I'm really very simple, this little ant you see
I laugh, I hurt and I'm afraid when something threatens me
I love to feel accepted, affectionate and warm and I love to hold another ant if there's a thunder storm.

So now some try to rectify this mess we have at hand but so many choose to close there eyes.... They just don't want to understand

But maybe if each ant was true to their own heart and if they told some othere ants we wouldn't be so far apart and maybe, just maybe, there is still a ray of hope to change some bad habits so this ant could finally cope.

I bet if for a moment we look deep inside our self
it's there and only there we find a treasure chest of wealth.

and so it was a space in time
a moment for our souls to shine hoorah! hoorah!
May we all go marching hand in hand because we understand
May we all march on as one.