Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Someone Here That Loves You ( In The Moment C.D.)

Lyric Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Music Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Performance Credits: Ellyn Fleming
Short Song Description:
unproduced, acoustic love ballad
Long Song Description:
the song is a reminder of what love truly is, how to recognize it, how not to lose it, taking a chance on it and allowing it to be an eternal gift
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal:
Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Subject Matter 2:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
Similar Artist 1:
Melissa Etheridge
Similar Artist 2:
K.D. Lang
2000 and later
There is someone here that loves you
and she is standing by your side
and she knows all that your thinking
she can feel you with her eyes

There is someone her that loves you
and she drinks and breathes you in
and she thinks you walk on water
and she knows that you can win

Love knows your imperfections
knows your weakness and your strengths
Love manipulates your mind sometimes
But always with such grace

There is someone here that loves you
and she longs to take you in
to those very special places
where the lonliest can win

So don't walk with indecision
No, Don't walk out with regret
Don't waste your time on worry
Oh ! and flowers ! Don't forget

Take the gamble, take the plunge
this life is never long enough
A journey for the inner soul
be warm, be tender, but be bold

May you build upon your wishes
and may all your dreams come true
may the touch of one anothers hand
Make miracles for you

Life the say, is what we make it !
So reach out, say yes, and just take it !
Love is here so make a stand !
Give it all ya got ! Give it all ya can this time !

'Cause there is someone here that loves you
And she is standing by your side
Her heart is pure as brand new snow
And her arms are open wide

And after all has been said and done
let her spirit dance into the sun
Hold her close and let her shine
Upon you from the other side

and still,
there will be someone here that loves you
'cause love never really dies
and she'll know all that your thinking
she will feel you with her eyes