Ellyn Fleming Singer Songwriter
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Michael CAP Caaputo Posted: Oct 22, 2018
Ocean Shores Washington
Played "Tell It Like It Is" on my show today... KOSWradio.com

"Lost in the Fire" is in our Library.

Joe C. Posted: Jul 6, 2018
Worcester Ma USA
Happy you are still writing and performing Great memories of the Wcuw days . ("In the Tradition" host 1989_2008)

Michelle Posted: Jul 4, 2018
London U.K.
We love you in London Ellyn! The new cd is amazing!

Debbie Watson Posted: Mar 25, 2016
Cape Canaveral Florida USA
You're one of a kind Ellyn! Love your music!!!!

Darlene Pierce Posted: Jan 3, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
Your songs are awesome! I just listened to Crow Medicine and you have an amazing voice. Might I say also that you are the spitting image of your mother. You are so talented.

lawyer webdesign Posted: Feb 14, 2014
Wow cuz this is excellent work! Congrats and keep it up.

Paula (pmvART.com) Posted: Jul 31, 2013
Aquidneck Island - USA
I'm excited about the new CD release "Smudging". Thank you for choosing my artwork for the cover...it has been a pleasure doing business with you. ;)

Mary Wheelan Posted: May 7, 2013
Worthington, MA USA
Looking forward to you being on The Song! (www.fcat.tv)

Jim Rickman Posted: Jul 29, 2012
Marlborough, MA, USA
Happy to see you're still going strong with your singing and songwriting. Great site!

Pait Posted: Dec 10, 2011
Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

Will Smith Posted: Feb 18, 2011
Hi! I'm just wondering if i can get in touch with you, since you have amazing content, and i'm thinking of running a couple co- projects! email me please.

Liza Bartlett Posted: Aug 26, 2010
Warwick, RI
Hey Ellyn!
I LOVE your new work and agree with Deana...very insightful!...
If you could send me your CD I'd be more than happy to play it on my radio show!...
Or we could even have dinner together some time soon and you could just hand it to me in person?...;-)))
Love you lots and huge congrats!...love you, Liza

Ann Posted: Jul 25, 2010
OMG!!! You Rock Ellyn!! I just heard ya stuff!!
Like the hair change...but You still looked great as a blonde!!! Miss You and Deanna Dearly!!!! and I miss packng Your truck!!! LOL Remember?? I miss you guys, all my Love..Keep On Rocking!!!
Congrats on all your Accomplishments!!!!
Ann Cross ...
McQueens ex.

pmvART Posted: Mar 28, 2010
Aquidneck Island
Nice website Ellyn...you finally got around to updating it!!!...hmmm, didn't know you were such a techy!!!
Good job honey!!! lol!!!
Love ya'

P. Snyder McGeary Posted: Jan 18, 2009
My friends & I have truly enjoyed your "True to Me" music. Your words are so inspiring & your voice sends chills down my back. Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of seeing you perform in person. Your videos are awesome!

Paula Posted: May 20, 2008
...it's been a long time...life is too short...I heard you put on a good show the other night! Nice website Ellyn. When you get a chance go visit mine at: www.pmvart.com I have some new art work and photography up there. Good luck in all that you do Ellyn.

KristinaKovacss Posted: Mar 26, 2008
I'm proud of you!

J. W. Lenior Posted: Jun 25, 2006
Nashville, TN
I enjoyed browsing around your web site.

I'm with Jessica Culpepper Music, BMI.
We have pitched songs to movie and television producers, for several years. We're beginning to pitch to advertising agencies, as well. We do not pitch to record companies.

If publishing is negotiable on some of your original songs, feel free to send a hard copy for review.

Please do not email songs or direct us to a web site. Each writer is reviewed by more than one person and several of us review during our daily commutes.

Our postal mailing address is

Jessica Culpepper Music, BMI
11853 Lebanon Road, Suite "F"
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

Please put all songs on one CD. Please mark your package, "Attention: J. W. Lenior"

Kate Johnson Posted: Apr 4, 2006
Providence, Ri
I had no idea Ellyn!
You rock!
I can't wait to see you live
Love you

Donna Posted: Feb 27, 2006
Providence, RI USA
hey ellyn baby! your new site is outta site! nice!

Guest Book Entries From Previous Guestbook Posted: Jan 30, 2006
Read What The PEOPLE are saying about Ellyn and her music!!!


I just finished listening to the mp3s, and you are awesome! I'll put your CD on my "stuff I need to buy" list. Thanks for the ear-candy!  - Natalie , Canada, eh!

Love your site. Rock on girl!!!  - Alisa Asbury, Dalton, Ga

Love your music, I hope to see you in Fitchburg on Sept. 26, 2000
You rock Ellyn!!! - Leigh, Mass

hI lISTENED TO YOUR cd GREAT sound ssssssslamming Hope to catch your feisty bitch gig soon. - Ellie Bolafka, WORCESTER, MA

Awesome tunes! I would really like to know more about you and the band. Rock Rules!!!
Jerry Roshto , Pineville, LA

Hey Ellyn! I think you and your band ROCK! Saw you at Club Meaadows in Springfield, when will you be in Boston? Send me a sticker!!  - Fred, Boston, MA

I think your great. I want the CD! Where can I get it?  - Jeff , Los Angeles, CA

love your music and the looks  - david owen , east bend, nc

I'm a big fan- Pillar Sanchez, Danville, ca

I heard about the band from a site link and I decided to check out the MP3's
and this band is great!  I would love to be part of the fan club. -
Eva Bradley, Mardela Springs, MD

I'm a huge fan you rock. - Amanda Brown, Marble Hill MO

I'd love to join your fan club and learn much much more about you!  - Courtney Bouchie - Las Cruces, NM

i heard of you from a friend. You are great.  - Jesse Williams - Wilkes-Barre, Pa

i heard about your site from a friend i love you ellyn - jason seay
400 alta vista circle - travelers rest sc

I heard Ellyn on the web, and I'd like to join the fan club. Her music =
rocks! I love it - John Woods - Bronxville, NY

Hey, I think your band really kiks!! - Mark Mayhew Jr. - Greenfield, IN

your music really rocks - joey rockey - big rapids mi

Hey, I loved the music... I heard about you guys on MP3.com  - JAM - Abilene, TX

I've listened to your mp3s and thoroughly enjoy the tunes. - Brad Jewell - Beauty, KY

Ellyn Rocks!! - Michelle Levy - Chula Vista, CA

Awesome site! - Kim Lonette - Manchester, NH

Listened to your CD on MP3.com and like it! - Tanya Johnson - Everett, WA

I would like to join the Ellyn Fleming fan club.  I've only heard the music
on your site, but I'm a huge fan already. - Karyn Adams

love your  look ... - david chmiel - dearborn mi

i love your music and i jumped to get the new cd.  i hope you make it to
the top, you deserve it! - Robin Davis - anson, tx

I just listened to a couple of your songs on mp3 and truely liked what I heard Best luck and always remember where you came from and who you are and you will go far. - Winterfawn Porter - Hot Springs, AR

I like to join her fan club...enjoyed her music she does rock - Donaa Herold
14 Steiert Dr - St. Peters, MO

Saw a TV special on Ellyn a while ago and came across the web site while searching for "alternative rock bands" Thank you! - D DALY - WATERLOO WI

I am gonna promote your site and offer to everyone so don't be angry when you get an influx of new fans inquiring you.I don't give a shit but im gonna send email to Columbia records,Mercury,Hollywood,etc... and anyother that will be willing to give you all a shot.Before I sign off I have something that I must say and something that I truly want to say to you personally.Ellyn I think you are the most beautiful women in the world.There is something about you that just turns me on.I would take you over and other women in the world as ridiculous as it may sound.Your so beautiful and charming - Love Matthew
This woman has got it. The next superstar. The best I have heard in a very long time,
and I am old, so that really is a very long time. - David - Miami, FL USA

Awesome site :o) Thanks :o) Best Wishes~ ~Miss Kim ~*~  Kim Lonette
Manchester, NH USA

keep up the good work!!!!! - Sharon Elliott  - Fayetteville, NC USA

I Love This Women Music!!!!! - Greg Manganello - Bronx, Ny USA

I Like your music - Leah Smith - North Providence, RI USA

Hi! Nice page you have here! - Stuart the Maniac - Austin, TX USA

Awesome site Keep Up The Good Work.....Never Give Up.....Stay Positive.....And All
Your Dreams WILL Come True.....One LoVe...@---}------ Llaurie - Euclid, Oh USA


A most awesome site!!! I'll have to try to catch one of your shows (are you coming to
the South Shore anytime soon, or maybe the Beachcomber?). Keep it real. Peace! Jen
Jen  - MA USA - Wednesday

my friend told me about you guys, so i thought i'd check you out, eh. So, I will try to
tell others about you send me a poster and a sticker. i will plaster the
fuckers everywhere. rock on lucas - Lucas A. Gualtieri - Columbus, OH USA

hey this is a cool site and i want to join the fan club, cool sticker!!!!  - megan clark
staunton, va 24401USA

I don't remember how I heard of you guys, but you do rock! You should register with
the ultimate band list to help the musi get out there! Keep up the good work!
megan - azusa, ca USA

Ellyn, I just love the way you move - Rich Bruzzese - Warwick, R.I. USA - Sunday


I Really enjoyed you site and Your music is GREAT! I wish you a lot of luck!!! Hope
to see you in New York soon!! - Robert Flex - New York, NY USA

keep rockin' it.... lenny  - Leonard & Annie Haze - USA

`All the best from one feisty rockin' bitch to another! It is so refreshing to see a fellow
female musician really rock out (enough of the acoustic dying swans, please!). Let me
know if you ever play down here in Philly--I'd love to catch your show. Best wishes
and keep the faith! :) - Regina Christian - Philadelphia, PA USA

Rock n Metal LIVES !!Keep the Faith ! - Mike Tincher - morristown, tn USA

Keep Rockin and rock this way some time ! - Paddy Gunn! - Dublin, - Ireland

very nice! - Linda! - Mooresville, nc USA

 Hey man. WHAT'S UUUUP, EH! From Canada, love your web. It's pretty cool.
 Natalie! - Toronto, Ont Canada

Great web site! natalie! - Toronto, Ont Canada

Love it! Visit us some time :)
Pepper & DaCapo! - NS Canada

Web page is pissa, you guys must put on one hell of a show. The ol' lady & I are looking forward to seeing ya soon. Best of luck for "98 ! ! - Scott Craig  - Pepperell, MA USA

Looking forward to checking you guys out!! - Bill Gannon RI USA

Cool web page! - Scott Goldberg Glen Cove, Ny

great sound, your music rocks! Tell me when your gonna be in town! ! - Jim Ross - Rochester, NY USA

looking forward to hearing your music are you on cd - greg maslowski  - npr, fl USA

your site was great- gayle baker - mifflinburg, pa usa

WOW! you are a real rock babe! Hope to see ya at the Grammys soon!] Hurry up & get a Florida Gig! :) - John Pickett gainesville, Fl

A very impressive site. - Steven sloop - Newport News, VA

it was really good  - Chris hope- blue mountains, nsw australia

Cool Beans, man-er-Woman - Tony Bero - Caldwell, NJ USA

Great- Greg Harris - Australia

this is a cool site - matt - tampa, fl

kewel! - Melissa Johnson - Nashville, Tn USA

Nice web sight! Love your picture! Good luck with your new project! If you ever have  any dance projects contact us at Starfleet Music Pool & we'll try to help you break it  out in the dance community! - Ronnie Matthews - Charlotte, NC

 real fun to visit you hope we meet a gain a fan from wakefield,quebec canada see you  - Mike Shiels  - wakefield,que, canada

Hi Ellyn. I'll be honest. You are gorgeous. If you ever have time, check out Phalanges  Fever. - Wayne Stevenson - Orangeburg, SC USA

Great Site keep up the good work - George Schlager - Ft Lauderdale , Fl USA

Great Tunes! - Rick Stevens - Los Angeles, CA USATHIS IS TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP THIS SITE GOING - Sam C. Glorioso - Sandusky, OH USA

Loved your home page.Bill Francis - charlotte, nc USA

I Love you and your music. Keep working, sooner or later everyone else who sees and  hears you will feel the same!! - George H. Cogswell III - Wichita Falls, TX USA

Cool page. - goden - conyers, ga USA

Page is well constructed. I visited to sample the music and found it to be a listening pleasure. As a fellow guitar player I can appreciate the style. Kudos to ya!
Rod R - Staten Island, NY USA

Your website is like toatally awesome dudet!!!!
Marcy Kier - Villisca, IA USA

Great design! I love this site. It has convinced me to go to your show on the 24th.
Henry F. Haskell - Newport, R.I. USA

Nice music! - Dag Solberg  - Bremanger, Norway


Can't wait to get the new cd, i like trying out new people, it sounds like Ellyn is dynamite - Keith Whalen -  Havre, Mt USA

Hi Ellyn Fleming and the inmates!! Your music is so great! i wanna be in your fan club!!
Francois Bergeron - canada

I will visit again.   and pass the word along. melissa Enterkin - Rockford,   AL

You guys rock. - Ryan Packum - Anderson,  Ca


Hey! just surfin and found you guys on a friends page!  You guy's rock
hard!!!!! Kick ass!!! - Mike Kluge - Warner Robins, Ga. 31088

I am very please to visit your esteemed homepage. - Asif Sheikh - Abid Majeed Road Lahore Cantt Pakistan

I am very glad to visit your fabulous web site. - Raza Afzal - Lahore - Pakistan

Cool website!  - Karen Beavers - Crossett, AR

Heard your stuff on campus radio station - Don Reimus - Chicago, IL

My friend heard of you, bitchin! - Ashlee Abrantes - Massena, NY

you guys are really cool and rock and roll and stuff - kevin lee - media, pa

i heard of you threw a friend that thinks you guys kick ass i do too!!! - monica wood - escondido, ca

heard of you through the internet.  computers are wonderful, eh? - cayla johnson - dickson, tn

 Hello Ellyn Fleming Band!! I must say I would love to join your fan club! It would totally make my days alot better!!! - Coty D'Aleo - Gilbert, Az

My pal told me about your site and I love it. - Robert Peckerwood Sullivan - Monrovia, CA

I heard of you from my friends at college!  You rule! - Lisa Zapoticznyj - Geneseo, NY

I just saw your web site and I really enjoyed.  You have put a lot
of time and effort into it and it shows!  I am going to be traveling a
lot this fall, I hope we cross paths! THank you for your time and I wish you continued success. - Shon Medley - Trenton, GA

I heard of you guys becuase my freend she loves you - Kristin Lim
620 Inuwai Pl - Honolulu, Hi

Hi, I would like to join the Ellyn Fleming Band Fan Club. I love the music, and I would love to be a part of it. - Sarah Floyd - Mission, British Columbia Canada

A friend told me about the sight and let me listen to the music.  It rocks!!!! - Nate Ortiz - Chicago, IL

I love her style. - skye martinez - kingsville ontario

Great Sound!!  listened to 'Tell it like it is'...You have a great look also - Clyde H Woodfin Jr

My name is Chris Martin and I heard about Ellyn from a friend and she
ROCKS! - Liberty, SC

i love your band - jarrod g starnes  charlotte ,nc

I'm a big fan! - Aaron Brons - Thornhill Ont. Canada

ellyn.....rock on!!!!!! - john brannstrom

I was surfing and ran into your page.  I think that it is cool and would like to know more about you - Seanna Prosen - St. Marys, GA

hey, great site! - Chris Rakus - Albany, NY

BITCHIN - Joann Teems - Graysville GA

I will do my part to help Ellyn's name become well known. Oh yeah, I heard of Ellyn - Matt Longo - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hi!  I heard of you guys through a nice music page that my friend had put up. He thinks you guys are awesome and I think you're pretty cool, too. - Aaron Miller - Greenfield, IN

Cool site and great music
Pam Gagliano  - Egg harbor Twp, NJ USA


Wow, great site, I got here through a webring.....Im off to check out some of your
links - Lisa  - Phoenix, AZ USA

Keep Rockin - Jerry Fleming (not related) - Mark Center, OH USA

I really enjoyed your sight and your music is fantastic, good luck! And I hope you
make it big! - Philip Johnson - Philadelphia, PA

Your Hot!!!! And I dig you music, your gonna be a big star!!!
Freddie - New York, NY USA


I love you music! Keep it going! - Bill Donnell - LA, CA USA

Ellyn Fleming! You are one hot ROCK Chick!!!  - John - USA

Cool band...listened to some of your sound files, and you guys are pretty good...visit my page - Eugene Atwood - Boston, MA USA

i would like to have your music for my dj service - chris ferkovich -  parkfalls, wi USA

I first saw you on interconnect CH: 55 thought you were great, also not bad to look at!!!!!  - jeff  - Narragansett, RI USA

KEEP ROCKIN' ELLYN! - Antigone Rising - New York, NY USA

Really enjoyed the homepage. Good luck in the future!! - Pepper -  NS Canada